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  • Welte to Sweet Ness 7


    การ พนัน ไพ่

    We’re on Grant Street, in the heart of the historic West Side of Buffalo, between the Elmwood Village and the Niagara River. There, a stately brick Victorian building which has been lovingly restored and open to the public since 2008. In a neighborhood of immigrants, artists, and scholars, 220 Grant Street has bee a destination for an amazing diversity of people.

    In this multi-use building is Sweet_ness 7 Café, an old-world coffee house, an art gallery, a flower/gift shop, an upscale urban boutique, a church, and seven artists’ apartments. We hope our establishment will please those looking for authentic origins of our city, to folks looking for a fun, interesting place to watch the world walk by.



    We offer a wide range of cuisines, from Spanish to Irish, we will not fail you with our menu. We also include daily specials, as well as fresh house-made soups.


    Treat yourself to a unique experience found in our coffee shop. The atmosphere is warm, the crowd is vibrant and the interior is original. If you wish to have a place where a cup of coffee is a delightful ritual – swing by us and you won’t be disappointed.


    We wele walk-ins, bigger groups, groups with children and we provide outdoor seating. What is more, we offer take-out and catering services. You will feel nothing less than pampered with us.


    Located in an old Victorian building our café brings together past and present in a colorful and unique setting. What makes us different is that with every sip and bite, with every acquaintance you will gain a cultural experience. Take part in our multicultural atmosphere and discover how pleasant and rare cafés like this actually are. bine this with an astonishingly diverse menu and you’ve got yourself the perfect retreat.


    We maintain everything that makes a good café – great! Excellent service, a variety of drinks, and freshly made food. You will feel at home with us. We will provide you with impeccable service. Our menu offers you a selection of freshly made food including organic meals and homemade dishes.

    Our drinks are fresh and we have a full bar with organic wines/artisanal beers and spirits. So, take your pick from our homemade coffee selection, have an organic savory meal and just enjoy the crowd.

    Katherine Thompson

    Sweet-ness 7 café is different, cultured and unconventional. It is reminiscent of the sixties and has a colorful and fun interior design. It is weling and friendly, perfect for get-togethers. The chef calls you when your food is ready, which is all part of the friendly experience. The prices were reasonable and the crepes were fantastic.

    John Wright

    This place is will be a warm remendation to all my friends. I loved the tea and the sandwich I had the last time, but the Spanish scramble still remains my favorite. I love their location and it always has a nice crowd and exquisite service. I feel very at home here.


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